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How To Prep For Your Dental Administrative Assistant Interview

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As with any administrative assistant, dental administrative assistants often have a wide range of duties, from the clerical to the medical, to perform. While this does make for an interesting and eventful career, it does also mean that the interview questions for an administrative assistant job to be wide-ranging as well.   So if you have recently graduated and are looking to join the exciting world of healthcare administration, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your first interview as a dental administrative assistant. Hard Skills Interview Questions: What to Expect Hard skills are the basis of..

How To Stand Out As A Dental Administrative Assistant

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Dental administrative assistants occupy a hugely important role in any dental practice. Their administrative skills allow a practice to work at optimal efficiency and they provide vital coordination between staff members, departments and third parties. As exciting as the position of dental administrative assistant is, it is essentially a back office role, which can sometimes make it hard to stand out and move your career forward. To help you get the best out of being a dental administrative assistant, we’ve put together some ideas on how you can fine-tune your skills to help you stand out and get ahead.  ..

What’s It Like To Work In A Dental Practice?

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Here at Northwest Career College, we think that it’s important that you have real world experience of how a dental practice works as part of your education, which is why we offer externships with all of our dental administrative assisting courses. Obviously, every workplace is going to be different, but if you’re considering a career as a dental administrative assistant we’ve put together a few general ideas on what it’s like to work in a dental practice. Working In A Dental Practice The work is fast paced - To fit in the maximum amount of time to provide treatment for..

An Overview of Dental Insurance

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One of the duties of a dental administrative assistant is to process dental insurance claims and to communicate with patients to make sure that those claims are as accurate as possible. While dental insurance is a necessarily complicated procedure, it may often be necessary to explain the process to patients in as simple a manner as possible. A Simplified Overview Below is a basic overview of the three most common mechanisms of dental insurance that you might be called upon to explain to a patient   Annual Maximums: An annual maximum is the total amount some dental insurance companies will..

How To Improve As A Dental Administrative Assistant?

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Dental administrative assistants are often the unseen motors of the dental practice, keeping the machinery of the workplace running smoothly. Actively switching between back office and front desk, they address a wide variety of tasks and often have an extremely fast-paced work day. With so many responsibilities to shoulder, the dental administrative assistant should always be looking for ways to excel, so we’ve collected together some top tips on how you can become more efficient and effective. Top Tips 1. Get to know your dentist: As an administrative assistant, is is important that you cultivate a good working relationship with..

5 Essential Skills A Dental Administrative Assistant Needs

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A dental administrative assistant (DAA) is a fundamental part of any dental practice, integrating with all parts of the business and providing vital administrative support. Here at Northwest Career College, our Dental Administrative Assistant Program will give you the skills and experience you need to perform as a DAA, but there are also crucial skills you can develop, while you are with us, that will help to set you apart from other candidates when it comes to finding a DAA position. Key Skills Approachability: While the responsibilities of the DAA are primarily administrative, they do work as part of a..